Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Child of mine I love you!

~Child of my angst~

Dearest son if I could erase the pain of yesterday for you I would. What happened those first two years that eats away at you? Outside you are so fun, loving, open, giving, talented and tender hearted – inside something fights to get out. Will the better years of your life not let you release the stress of the first two of your life? What was that womb life like? How can I help you? Your fingers pain me more than the over biting might hurt you – they are a release I can’t take away from you, as much as I’d like you to be free from chewing them. So I’ll continue to hold your hands and heart – and when I get exasperated at the destructiveness, I’ll pray harder for my patience and your delivery. I love you forever! ~Your Mom

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