Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oh the laundry!

Oh the laundry! Oh the laundry! Oh the laundry!

Fridays are “haul it” days. This week we started early pending our weekend guests. The boys are great helpers in gathering up the dirty clothes and hauling them to the laundry room – they even sort it (OK I resort after they run off!). It seems like it takes all weekend to get the laundry done. Laundry isn’t hard –it’s just time consuming. I hate to fold the whites load so that is the one load I announce “the whites load is ready” when done in the dryer, then the boys and Steve haul it to the sectional to sort/fold it. Sometimes Sophia wanders over and sits in the gross dirty laundry happily contented to explore it all including the shoes left there. The boys used to hide in it like a pile of leaves – that is until I reminded them their underwear was in it! These days they giggle or exchange funny looks when they sort my undies, which might be better than when they’d put them on their heads! My Dove chocolate advise for today is:
Happiness is contagious - so true!


judy said...

Hi, I found your blog through One Foot in the Box.

Great words of wisdom in your profile.

What sweet looking children.

God bless you.

judy said... foot OUT of the box. ;)

lookuptoday said...

Hi, Thanks for stopping by to say hello. I am honored to have you as a follower.Your writing has so much feeling.It stirs my heart.You have beautiful children.I will be stopping in often.:D Dee

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