Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Outhouse Life

Sometimes out on my job I come across an outhouse or two. They fascinate me and make me ponder thoughts of days gone by. I always wanted to do outhouse digs! I also remember the Willems family we’d visit near Brandon when growing up in the 70’s – they had a nice white washed outhouse and how interesting it was to use their outhouse – it was a two seater with standard toilet seat lids. I’d look down into them with gross interest. Also at Moose Lake, Opa and Oma’s cabin had an outhouse down the mossy lane – I’d run quickly for fear of the bears getting me – and it was smelly! Do we realize in our fast paced life just how much things have changed? What will our children remember with sentiment or relief of change? Why did God create us for making changes? When I hear people who are “trying to slow down in life” I wonder when did we speed up so much? “Slow down and smell the roses” – who does that anymore? Like my outhouses – life has moved us into a faster flush and some people’s life jackets barely keep them afloat. I’m happy with my modern amenities – but the old still draws me in to take a look and remember when….

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