Monday, September 22, 2008

Tobias's Rocks

Sweet Tobias has a thing for rocks - he picks them up where ever he wanders. He used to fuss that I wanted to throw them back outside - so I started to save them for him. Inevitably they are in his pockets and I wash his clothes finding the rocks in the bottom of my washer. I've saved them all and some day when he graduates from High School, I'll put them all in a jar to show. They are each individual, just like my children - each one has its own character, beauty and life. They also remind me of life's simplicity. sweet Tobias, always teaching me new things.

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judy said...

How sweet----wish I'd have saved all of the rocks my son brought in. I did save a pinecone with three attached. Every time I go in his "old" room, I see that pinecone and think of him as a little guy. He's now 31 and soon to become a daddy!
Oh those boys of ours. Thank God for blessing us with these guys.

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