Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fridge Clutter

Fridge Clutter

In 2004 we built a new house and when we moved many of my things that fit so well in our 1938 house just didn’t “fit’ in our new house. I have many “sentimental” things I love….old school desk, Oma’s aprons, 40 Jadeite mugs, collections, etc and I just didn’t have “room” for it all. “Stuff” is still in storage but we also purged a lot! One thing I remember when I got all new appliances (an exciting first in my life!) was that I was going to keep that fridge door clear of “stuff” and looking white and clean! Sooo…all my old magnets, pictures didn’t get put “back” on the fridge. Well… started and we needed the lunch menu – so I started to put some things on the short side that was next to the counter – not as visible. Then that filled up – and we needed to display our foster license, emergency number and house floor plan/exits for the State….so on the fridge they went. Along came some pictures of loved ones – have to see them! Then Anthony got an “A” in spelling – had to display that. Tobias made me a wonderful art magnet and Sophie needed her toys on the fridge to keep her from crawling into the dishwasher – so here is my fridge now. Not the clean wonderful plain white it was when we moved. I’m OK with my fridge clutter – sometimes we need some clutter in our lives and the fridge reminds me that I can’t live in a totally clutter free world – it isn’t me and isn’t what my home is about. My house is a home first – not something waiting for House Beautiful to come take pictures of! We live here and “stuff” happens here – whether on the fridge or elsewhere. I remember my friends wanting to photograph my house B.C. (Before Children) and A.C. (After Children)…..yes, it is quite different. So….when my fridge is all white and my house is very clean – you’ll know I’m lonely for the joy of life children have brought to me! I take joy in the scriptures today with Proverbs 15: 13-33 A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit....


angelonwheels said...

I needed to remember that life isn't supoose to be perfect thanks!

lookuptoday said...

I love your fridge clutter. Mine is also cluttered. Cluttered with pictures, notes, a lots of love. My shopping trip was great, but i over did it just a little and now my back hurts. But it was worth it. If you lived close by, you would surley have been welcome to share the day with us. :) Dee

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