Monday, October 27, 2008

Older sibs

I’ve older siblings – they used to pester me quite meanly when growing up – through the teen years and before. I’d have bruises for weeks from them and one time when I was trying to be a peace maker to stop them from fighting – they turned on me and punched me right in the nose – breaking my glasses which I then had to wear with white band aid tape holding them together.
So one thing I’m fairly proud of with my kiddos is they don’t “physically” hurt each other in mean ways. Oh, they argue and have their spats – but in comparison to children around them they have “non-violent” ways of getting at each other that secretly make me smile and laugh. For example, they are usually kind and the first one getting their toothbrush ready will get the others’ ready – they’ve also accused each other of putting soap on the toothbrushes! I thought that was a clever funny one – reminds me of the salt in the sugar bowl days. So when I watch them with their little sister – I marvel at their patience and tolerance they show with her……she is definitely in their space at times…..they are sooo good with her! It warms my heart that they love her, respect her, cherish her and treat her with kindness. The age gap is larger – but despite that I’m grateful for the helpers they are with her. Sometimes I’ll ask them to play with her while I try to get something done around the house– inevitable she’ll be long gone and they are sitting there playing with her baby toys – cracks me up, makes me smile. Children are marvels God gives us to remind us of so many things when we slow down to look at them….lessons everywhere.


lookuptoday said...

Hi, Thank you for your kind words on my blog. Here is a smile from my heart to your heart. I love seeing pictures of your family. In a couple of weeks i will be visiting my Son and his precious family.I can't wait. Dee

Sheepinarowboat said...

Way cute kids! Ya my big brother ran me ragged when I was young. We get along well now but dealing with that growing up made it important with my own kids to teach them to be kind to one another and handle their disagreements in a more productive way. Thanks for posting on my blog by the way. :)

Blue-eyed Blonde said...

Being a grandmother I enjoy your descriptions of your family and about your everyday life. Speaking of salt in the sugar bowl: one Christmas years ago my mom was so excited when my sis and her boyfriend got engaged at our house, and when we had coffee and pie after the initial hul-a-baloo we were shocked to find salt in our coffee intead of sugar! Isn't life fun?

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