Monday, October 27, 2008

Yorkie Bjorkie

This is our Yorkie – Ella! She is 12 years old human years, which I believe is like 84 dog years. She is a smart little girl that we love dearly as our family pet. She rings chimes on the patio doors when she wants to “go out for her thing.” As she only barks if someone comes to the door. We tell her “cage up” and she’ll go into her pet taxi that is her haven during the day when we are all gone. Her struggles are cataracts growing in the eyes, failing liver function, severe allergies and scratchy itches. We’ve had growing health issues and fear we’ll have to make a choice one of these days – but until then the vet knows us well. She just finished a round of antibiotics and got her rabies shots and heart tests. She hovers under Sophia’s high chair looking for fallen cheerios and other delights that she shouldn’t be eating! She sleeps on the bed with my hubby and I – usually burrows under the covers and snores now to compete with Steve! She has a pet pig that is her “baby” and when we tell her to get her baby she chomps it and growls deeply. Sophia likes to take the pig and hold it out to her now and she’ll take it from her. That amazes us as she isn’t the greatest type of dogs for kiddos and we watch her closely around little Sophia. Sophia has, since little on, always liked Ella and Ella can make her giggle and smile, which warms our hearts too. I don’t know if Noah had Yorkies on the ark – but they are fun loving smart little dogs. We adopted her too in 2000. The boys - especially AJ love her as well. When we vacation, a very special Aunt Janet and Aunt Theresa babydogsit her for us – giving her more TLC then we even give her. Thank you God for our pet and the joy she gives us!

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