Wednesday, November 12, 2008


People have asked me – where is North? North is Manitoba , Canada . I was born in Winnipeg MB and raised Canadian - my teen years on a chicken farm. Yup – 10,000 laying hens. We “picked” eggs daily and our eggs shipped to the local hatchery. I am the only daughter of hardworking parents who left her country at age 20 married to an American. After 12 years marriage and on a green card in the US – I dealt with INS to become an American Citizen in 1995. (You could say it took that long to admit KS was home too!) Canada considers me a dual citizen. All my family live North of the border – I am a lone rebel in their eyes.

They have snow there already as we’ll be heading up to see family the end of next week and I’m sooo ready. Passports sit ready, luggage is ready to load and the special forms for Sophie from the Judge are ready to go too. The boys are excited; snow, skates and hockey sticks fill their dreams. We pray for safe travel. We pray for time well spent with my family – especially Jim who begins a new round of Chemo treatment plan. We take them Bath & Body products – we bring back chips/tea and Tim Horton’s coffee. (see blog in Sept on my favourite things).

This has been a wild week – too busy, stress all over the place, too many appointments, having to complete 8 hours of CPR/First Aid for our foster license suddenly that I didn’t plan on this week….I have had moments of regret with my children…..God give me strength as the weekend for respite draws near. I wish for quality time with my children and husband. It has also been a week of support from family and friends – couldn’t make it without them…..

I cry to God as David’s words in Psalm 57: 1-3, 10,11
Be gracious to me, O God, be gracious to me.
I have looked for a place to hide in that is near to you.I will hide under the shadow of your wings until the danger is past.
I will pray to God, the Most High God, to the God who will finish his plan for me.
He will send (a word) from heaven and he will save me. He will stop the people that are trying to catch me.
God will send me his kind love and his truth.
Your kind love is great. It is higher than the clouds. Your truth reaches to the skies.
God, lift yourself up above the skies. Lift your glory above all the earth.


beckymc said...

You will make it through the week. Just keep looking up to our Lord. I will pray for travel mercies for you and your family. Have a safe trip and come home to post lots of pictures!

katiegfromtennessee said...

Washer Mom Val,

I enjoyed your childhood stories-interesting, chicken farm:) I saw your family photo too, cute fam!:)

Blessings to you,


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