Friday, January 2, 2009

Knitting and such.

I found my knitting. I was on a huge scarf creating phase in ’06 – ’07 but then some of our foster children were “ripped” from our home without more than a few days notice and I stopped doing a lot of things as I grieved their leaving and our family had loss to deal with. So when I found this bag of yarns I loved and a half started scarf my heart ached as it was a scarf for Alejandro – who loved orange and it was to match his winter coat – he will never get it now and it made me a little sad. So – I think I need to finish this scarf….not sure who the recipient will be but I need to do this for closure. I think it is time for me to embrace and return to some of the other things that I enjoy - I'm hoping 2009 will allow me the luxury of time to pursue some of those things again.

I liked this saying I found recently:

"Winter is the time for comfort.... It is the time for home." by Dame Edith Sitwell

Now - I think I'll go knit if I can remember how!

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beckymc said...

A saying I heard before states "Time is what you make of it." SO my freind I hope you make time for your knitting to help you move on. I wish a beautiful 2009.

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