Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ode to the Musical

OK – I’ll be the first to admit when he started kindergarten – I loved these musicals and was amazed at the coordination of songs, outfits and so forth…..but he is in 6th grade and tonight I celebrated and mourned the END of grade school musicals for Anthony. His teacher has “issues” and always about two weeks before the thing – she freaks out on the children – the normal crying in front of them and usually a lot of yelling, as well as this year she told them she’d fail her stress test because of them! For you who home school kiddos – yes, this will affirm what you do! You’ll ask – “why is she still there?” Lord knows I’ve asked that….have you heard of “tenure?” I’ve a good friend who told me when I was still under the “musical” spell that by the end of grade school I’d be relieved they’d be over, at the time I thought “what?”…..but man, was she right!
Then tonight – I found myself lured into the enjoyment and will acknowledge that many people, parents especially, helped to make this thing a success once again…..and when I watched my stressed out child sing – I am grateful we live in a school district that can actually pull something like this fun musical off….so I’ve a split personality when it comes to these musicals and actually found myself enjoying it and clapping with enthusiasm despite the rocky ride to the event. It messes with my brain!
So – this is my ODE TO MUSICALS are done with for one son, the other son has to make it two more years…..then I’ll pray she retires before Soph even graces the school steps.
And this Mom says a big “AMEN.”

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