Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bob the Llama

Meet Bob the Llama. His ears were frozen off. He used to belong to an Amish man – Bob now resides on my cousins’ farm as a happy keeper of sheep. Bob “protects” sheep. Llamas are good at that. Bob isn’t very friendly. When a Llama isn’t fond of you – they’ll “spit” at you. Bob wanted to spit at me….luckily I’m “sensitive” to the signs – because when they get ready to spit – they put their ears back….but Bob doesn’t have those ears any more…but I still knew he wanted to spit at me. A big juicy wet one he was horking up to toss at me.
Heh Bob – you have alfalfa on your face…..I’d wipe that off for you – but you just want to spit at me!

I wish I could be a Llama and just spit at people who annoy me…, that wouldn’t be nice would it? Shame on me. But if they could read the signs… ears pulling back….hmmm, then at least they’d know to get out of the way. OK – I really don’t want to be a Llama.
Bye Bob, I’ll see ya next time!


Lana said...

His ears FROZE off?? :( Poor Llama. Even if he's a spitter!

Glenda, saved by grace said...

Poor No-eared Bob...I'd spit at everybody too if I had no ears!

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