Wednesday, April 22, 2009

MCC 2009 and stuff

There is soo much to tell - I don't know where to begin. Adding Courtney to our family has been joyful and crazy busy. I'll be telling you more about her as time goes by and we work on her adoption finalization.

The MCC Sale (Mennonite Central Committee) is a huge quilt auction, food sale, visiting with friends and family time. Our company donates for inflateables and we man them with a mini-golf course for two days - all proceeds (just our stuff raised over $4200) go to MCC and their various missions. So - here are some weekend pics.


Dee said...

Hi, looks like a great fund raiser for a good cause, I bet Sophia loves having a big sister and i think Courtneys transition will be easier having a little sister to hug on. Dee

beckymc said...

It is great that you raised so much money and congratulations on adding Courtney to your family! I look forward to learning more about her and will pray for the adoption process.

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