Sunday, April 19, 2009


This is a family “car game” that we adopted from my sis-in-law Helen and her kiddos YEARS ago when they were little! It is called “Yellow-Yatcha” and here is how you play.
· You spot a Volkswagon beetle car and you call our “beetle-be-gotchya” and you have 3 points.
· Your spot a YELLOW VW beetle and you call our “yellow-yatcha beetle-be-gotchya” and you have 5 points.
· You spot any ordinary yellow vehicle (can not have commercial lettering or it is minus 1 point) and it is a “yellow-yatcha” worth one point.
· If you falsely yell out “yellow-yatcha “ – you lose 1 point as well.
· If you don’t see many yellow non-commercial vehicles, add in: “PT Cruiser-be-gotchya” for 2 points.
Have fun!
Oh and “Yellow-Yatcha Beetle-be-gotcha!”


Glenda, saved by grace said...

We called that slug bug, and we add 2 points for an old slugbug.

Dee said...

My family called it a slug bug also. Then they would give a little punch to the arm of the one next to them. That was the 70's and evey one did it. I don't endorse it with the grandkids. :-) Just want to add that Courtney is sooooo cute. Dee

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