Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Blackberry Tazer Setting

Let me start off by saying “I love my husband very much.” So much, that I support him with a cell phone to keep the lines of communication between us going – with 4 kiddos, both of us working, 2 dogs, 13 dolls, etc – our life takes good communication! What irritates me GREATLY is when he is with the phone I bought him, and
1. He doesn’t answer it.
2. He says he didn’t hear it ring…..hmmm BECAUSE HE HAS IT ON VIBRATE.
3. In his baggy shorts or jeans he can’t feel it VIBRATE, so set it to ring – loud! Nope.
So, the other day when lost in the store and trying to find him with his half of the kiddos – I called him, left him a voice message so his phone will beep at him….he calls me back, didn’t listen to my voice message and sweetly asks “did you call me?” Yes, he has caller ID. Love the man – so, I’m upgrading his phone this week to a Blackberry – I’ve requested the Tazer setting so we can resolve this issue and get on with good communication.
With my copyright on the “tazer” setting I’m sure we can make millions, quit our jobs and call each other from the kitchen to the bathroom without having to use our new setting. :-)

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Glenda, saved by grace said...

I Love it. I want one for when my husband is riding his motorcycle...

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