Monday, June 15, 2009

Camp cooties, gnats and sand….he had a great week!

Man we missed this boy. Poor Tobias was missing his “right” arm buddy bro something bad last week – he was downright “sad” without his brother. That is what happens when you are only 9 months and 12 days apart from each other. Twins by choice is what they are.

I think he added a freckle or two…I think he matured and had some life experiences minus his controlling mother! I think there are things I don’t want to know and things I shouldn’t know. I think he grew in the Lord. I think he made some new friends. I think every kid should attend church camp when they have programs as wonderful as this one! He survived, I survived .That is what it is all about.

Laundry – I think he wore the same underwear all week. I don’t think he changed clothes as much as his mother would have liked…..oh well, I didn’t have to smell him day in and out. First things first – I made him take a good bath! Bubbles and the works….shhh don’t’ tell his friends he loves to soak in bubbles! Found one tick. Discovered we are missing 5 pairs of underwear and 7 pairs of socks. The toothpaste, toothbrush and shampoo all came home new and unused. I don't even want to know!

My flock is full and together again. Feels good. Feels complete. Feels whole.

Let me live in this moment here and now, for tomorrow the euphoria wears off and the kids are picking on each other and driving me nuts! Sigh….


Anonymous said...
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beckymc said...

It is always a great experience when kids go off to church camp. I actually remember my own experience as a child and as a adult leader. It is wonderful that Tobias got the experience.

Dee said...

Amen for church camp. From the clean clothes and unused tooth brush i feel he had a grand time.:) Dee

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