Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The honeymoon is way over!

Yup – the dreaded words “you aren’t my real mom” “I hate you” and “my real mom loves me” have arrived. Sweet girl, you’ve so many rejections to overcome, but we are your family now, we aren’t going anywhere. Test us, test us again….it makes us sad – but we aren’t going anywhere. We are strong enough with God’s help we will shoulder you and he will shoulder us all. We are here to kiss and hug you – to assure you life will be OK. Flip the dime and we’ve smiles, giggles with living so many firsts….swim lessons, Vacation Bible School (VBS), MP3 player to lazy summer fun days. From the “I don’t want to” of fear at the onset – to “that was fun, when can I do it again?”
Time is her healer. Time is her teacher.
The best interest staffing happened, we are the officially chosen family for adoption for her……heading into more rocky days ahead, we will be here for you! Deep breath and away we go….blowing bubbles all the way down the path of life ahead. Thank you Dear Lord.


Dee said...

Love them, pray for them, never take anything personal. I am sure you are the perfect parents the Lord chose for her and for the boys. I am in awe. Dee
p.s. When i was in Illinoise my little granson made me visit your blog everyday to feed the turtles. Dee

Glenda, saved by grace said...

You are a very brave and strong woman! I have a bio daughter that convinces me daily that I am awful.
I just have to say, I must be doing something right!
God bless and guide you as you raise your brood!

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