Saturday, June 6, 2009


Vacation Bible School – the kiddos love it. This is from the program wrap up – was a great week for them! I love it when they grow in faith through this yearly community event. Growing up was a hard moment for Anthony this week - he was too old to attend VBS but could be a Jr Volunteer. I thought this was a great idea for him and he was linked to a Kingergarten class. Wednesday we found out he took his offering and went to the local convenience store, spent it all on gum and hadn't been showing up early to check in with his teacher plus dissappeared during VBS that she didn't know where he was - obviously not HELPING. Sigh.....tough parenting moments. So, we felt like he needed to learn a life lesson - so we told him he was fired after all the facts were collected. In life, you get fired if you don't do the job. I went with him the next morning as he apologized to his teacher that he was supposed to be helping - she was gracious. Then out of his Sat allowance he'll give the money that was to be offering back to God on Sunday. Tough lesson - I hope it sticks with him for future, right now our trust level with him is fairly broken. This has been a tough week - my bro Jim had another siezure, my Dad is in ICU in Canada and we sit for word to go or stay......God is testing us! Growth comes through trials. I could use a little less growth this next week!

VBS is almost as good as church camp….oh my goodness, Sunday Anthony leaves for church camp….he’s my oldest baby and he’s never left me that long….will I survive? Aaggghhh Will he change his underwear daily or at all? Will he eat enough? What if he gets a head ache without me there to help him through it? I’ll be a basket case without him……yikes….he is growing up, well, emotionally sometimes, physically he is still the shortest kiddo in his class….ok, we won’t go there.

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Christine said...

VBS is great! Ours is in a few weeks.

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