Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Panning for Gold

We enjoyed “Ghost Town” and panned for gold after touring the museum. My hubby was “obsessed” with this activity….must be a man “hunt” thing – but he really got into it. The kiddos (hence Soph playing in rocks) were DONE, DONE, DONE, but NOT DAD!!!! (He gets the same way with seashells or sharks teeth on beaches in the Gulf of Mexico FL coast.) Didn’t help that the folks who left as we got there found a small “pebble” sized nugget. Toolman Tim grunt – hunt hunt hunt!

Made me think of how in life we all are panning for gold, searching for that one shiny spec that makes us feel victorious, fulfilled, euphorically happy for the moment. Like a needle in the haystack thing. I’m hoping your spec of gold that gives you those feelings is our one and only, Jesus Christ. Sometimes seeking him in the rocks and sand is hard too, as we miss the obvious. But he is there. We simply need to seek him. If we throw him out with the rest of the rocks, sand, pebbles and water – he patiently waits for us to seek him again. Always solid gold – waiting for us to find him, accept him and so be fulfilled as no one or nothing else can do. Do not make any gods to be alongside me; do not make for yourselves gods of silver or gods of gold. Exodus 20:23


blessedmom said...

oh what fun activity to do! I want to bring my kids there someday! they will surely love it just like ur kiddos :)

thanks for sharing this...i will put this on my activity list with the boys :)

take care! have a blessed day! :)

beckymc said...

That sounds like fun. I am looking for fun places for my family to meet to go on vacation. Maybe we will come that way some day

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