Friday, August 21, 2009


Jim with my kiddos.
Jim with us siblings. Me, Jim, Carl and Gary.
Talked to Jim last night. His left side continues to weaken. He isn't as able to walk well, so the wheelchair is more apart of his life right now for mobility. He was eating nachos. He isn't in pain, which is a good thing. He told me his wife wouldn't let him renew his passport. I told him for where he is going his passport is already packed - in his heart. He is fighting this thing called cancer well, with two surgeries behind him and living each day to the fullest of his capabilities.
My brother and sister-in-law continue to be a testimony of awesome faith in God, commitment in marriage to deal with the tough stuff that comes their way, yet logic in their reality to cope and make the best of every day.
Still missing them miles away.....but savoring the memories of time together; like these pics of August as the month soon slips away. Wish we could come eat nachos and have some Tim Hortons! Maybe the next time we come....
Is your heart in the right place? Do you have your passport packed away in your heart so that you are ready to travel to Heaven when God calls you?

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