Friday, September 4, 2009

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?????

Jr High first football game was this week. See that “little” 83 – that is my guy! He LOVES football and we peel him off the ceiling every evening when he comes home from practice. Ok, maybe except when he gets cleated…but even then he shows us his wounds with pride.

(Yes he is the smallest one there!)
I have a confession. I don’t understand all the rules of football. In Canada we don’t have football as a part of the school program. Now, let’s talk hockey and we’ll be doing better. So I don’t know many football rules. Example: I was telling Steve “Anthony did a good job staying on that one guy.” Steve just smiled at me and said “Anthony was on the offense, the other guy was guarding him.” Oops.
OK, my learning curve might be larger than I thought. I’m just happy watching the flow of the color matched boys going up and down the field, breaking apart, coming back together in a movement that is strangely pretty when I don’t think of them getting hurt!
Mostly I’m keeping an eye on Sophia that she doesn’t fall off the bleachers and whack her head, listening to Courtney whine that it is boring and she only wants to run around with her friends in some odd social posturing and listen to Tobias the bottomless pit tell me he is hungry and thirsty after just eating supper. So no wonder I don’t stand a chance to actually watch fully attentive and learn the rules better.

Then I wondered are we like this with God? We have the Bible. Do we know the “rules” of the game? Are we listening or absently distracted with a superficial flow of life, never delving into the real “rules” he has given us? All of life’s distractions getting in the way of finding that time and space to read his word and KNOW the rules in our heart, soul and mind. So while I don’t know that I’ll read a football manual for dummies to learn all the rules, I can be content to watch and support my son by being there while seeing the beauty of the sport through a mother’s eyes.

Dear Heavenly Father,
May I commit to read your word more. Fill me with your knowledge, guidance and wisdom for this life path I am on. Help me to grow and be a better example of what you have set forth for us in your word. Amen.

The unfolding of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple. Psalm 119:130


Dee said...

No i am not ready for football...but i will miss it. My grandson Max played quick guard. Football is tough-and sometimes mean but they learn team work and not giving up. Max almost quit many times but stuck it out for four years. They learn a lot about sportsmanship. A lot of it is up to the coaches..not all are fair or's a mans a mom you will have to put your emotions in your pocket and watch with one eye.

beckymc said...

I have to admit I am not a big footbal fan. I do watch the steelers when they play and and we can watch them. I know most of the rules. My kids never played. My nephew played one season and has decided he likes band better.
As far as spending time to read God's rules. I try to every morning. I confess I do not always do that. I balme it on time not because I did not get up earlier or to bed earlier which is usually my problem.

angelonwheels said...

Good word Val! Go VOLS! LOL!

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