Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rude Recently Rules

Ok, with the Kayne’s recent outburst against Taylor Swift at the MTV awards and Serena Williams cussing out a line judge at the US Open, these have been lesson learners for the kids. We talk about this stuff. It is important if we want to raise children who are polite that they learn from the mistakes of others. It is sad both these people had their shining moments tarnished and the attention drawn away from the item of victory to something else.

Anthony was having his Jr High football practice earlier and overhead the High School coach cussing out the players for fumbles and making them do push-ups after cussing them for their mistakes. He came home and told me about it so I know it affected him to wondering if he’d want to play under a coach that cussed like that. (Not to mention it raised my hairs to know a tax-payer employee is talking that way to kiddos in public school. Rant: Do teachers accept that language from kids? I hope not and doubt it. Soo….double standards? Would that coach be happy if parents talked to him that way?)

We don’t use that language in our home – now I’m not a holier-than-though person and admit to the occasional cuss under extreme duress. That being said, I don’t want my children to make it apart of their everyday-normal conversational talk. The Serena Williams example of being fined $10,500 for swearing at someone in the way she did is such a “teachable” moment. Besides her three attempts at getting a decent apology out, which you know only came to protect her from her “handlers” – oh sponsors – are you watching? Good grief, even Sophia, age 2 knows to say “sorry” after at timeout.with sincerity (cutest thing too when she says it spontaneously). I’ll give that to Kayne that he has been attempting to apologize via Jay Leno, etc but Taylor Swift said he hadn’t said it to her in person. People, people, people. Don’t you get that you should apologize TO THE PERSON harmed directly for it to be a sincere apology! We recently had a situation in our church where wrongs happened on BOTH sides, I’m proud to say my kiddo DID apologize while the other party DID NOT, nor to this day will they talk to us about it, yet they can talk to EVERYONE else behind our back! OK – sore subject.

Now I can purge this from my insides…thanks for listening.

Refrain from anger and turn from wrath; do not fret—it leads only to evil. Psalm 37:8

Maybe my estrogen is low….for what it is worth….this is my blog, my thoughts, my feelings….at my moment today, here and now. Phew, I think I’ll go find chocolate!


Dee said...

Sad to say..rude is probably here to stay as our poor world crumbles under the weight of sin. It definitely is a tough time to be a parent and try to teach the kids why this is not acceptable..i always say..you do what is right even though no one else does, God See's you and is proud of you, because he knows it sure is not easy.

beckymc said...

We do not mind when you purge and rant, Val. Lord knows I do. I also think it is right to let the kiddos learn from the wrongs of those in public. They are not perfect; all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

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