Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Day of Diguise

While I'm not a fan of the dark side of Halloween and won't allow my children to be witches or scary monsters, I love the challenge of creativity - but this year was busier than some (see last years blog) so we went a different route.  Annual 72nd Fireman's Ball in town - a safe community contest event.  Soph placed 3rd and Tobias placed 3rd.  We handed out full sized candy bars again this year - final number before the porch lights went off - 141.  Up 9 from last year.  Was wonderful weather and the time change kept people out longer with a weekend night too.  Best costume seen:  Jesus. 

My oldest Anthony handed out candy as he didn't dress up this year - cut them off at 6th grade.  Amazingly, we had the best talk on the front porch and that alone time was awesome - I learned a few things.  He had a plan some friends were supposed to come by for him - they didn't show, but it turned out OK.  Next year I'll help him make a better effort to connect with some of his peers.  Berkley didn't like the doorbell ringing - but sat on the porch with us some too.  Praying for safety for everyone on this secular night.


Rose said...

The photos of the kids and the dog are so cute. Our church sponsors Hallelujah Night with games, jumpers, food and such to keep kids safe and off the streets. There were probably about 3 to 4 thousand people there and amazingly there were maybe only a dozen "dark side" costumes, most of them just cute! Ladybugs, flowers, cute animals and of course the action figures. It was so nice to see the children having such fun.
It seems like you all had a great evening as well!

Marie said...

This is one of my memories from living in Inman. The Fireman's Halloween party at the grade school!
Also, we who love Stanford wonder about a dog named Berkley!

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