Sunday, November 29, 2009

Destructo Boy Hits Again.

See this trumpet?  It has had a rough life under the care of my son.

Life lesson: you wreck your trumpet, I clean out your savings account and buy you another used one off eBay. There you go – you owe me $100 now.

Oh child of mine with the softest heart and coffee eyes ~ what makes you destroy things?


Rose said...

Oh my. I have a grandson like that. Everything he touches breaks at some point. All we can do is pray for them.

Anonymous said...

Oh.... boys. Sometimes their young bodies can't contain those crashing emotions - sometimes those little fingers just aren't dexterous enough - sometimes they are just a body full of bumbling accidents.
But in the over-all scheme of things, aren't they precious? Sometimes as parents, we just have to get them through these times when their bodies keep betraying their hearts.

beckymc said...

I don't know Val but maybe its a boy thing my brothers broke all our toys when they got their hands on them

Christine said...

I can relate to boys breaking things, though I am very thankful that my son Adam love shis guitar and takes very good care of it.

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