Saturday, November 7, 2009

She Graduated!

Sophia graduated from Special Education with McKids! Major accomplishment. She is “on task” at 27 months of age. Wow. Sandy and Nancy – two special ladies have worked with her since she was a bitty baby! Their help and guidance have been awesome and it is with great sadness that Sophia said goodbye to the boxes (you gals know what I mean!). It is a sweet sorrow – loss and gain. Thank you ladies again – you are the best! She loves her laminated Turkey too!

This has been a week of many life gains and losses too as I say goodbye to another co-worker (again) whom I really respect and admire. He has been instrumental in my job and will be missed greatly as our company makes further economic cuts. He was not only a co-worker, but a friend. When you find both in a job – it is a rich experience.

My brother declines in health, Anthony struggles on in school, a friend deals with a cheating husband that then results in loss of vehicle /possibly her home, I struggle with forgiveness in church…..I grasp at the positives in life I can find and pray that these 7 lean years will end and we can have 7 rich years once more. God grant me the strength.


They call me "Deb" said...

Congrats to Sophia - how can you not rejoice with such a little one who's smiling so brightly?
For many of Joseph's time, the abundance of the land wasn't remembered because the famine was so severe. I'm glad my friend, that you are able to find the positives in the midst of these famine times.
I constantly remind myself each morning not so much about the losses, but what I still have in Christ.

angelonwheels said...


Congrats to Sophie! My heart greives with you with all the suffering you are enduring. If i hurt for you, I cannot imagine how much God hurts when you hurt. Hugs and prayers!

angelonwheels said...

Check out Ps. 42.

Dee said...

WoW..Lot's going on my friend. I am just now gradually coming out of such a season as is so hard emotionally and very tiring..but their is hope..and ..yes...this to will pass. I will keep your brother in prayer and pray strength for you. Hugs. Dee

Christine said...

Wooo-hooo! Now on to bigger and greater things!

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