Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Sometimes connections with people are made that just warm my heart.

A Christmas miracle in my books happened today with friends who made a life changing decision to adopt two children that have been on their/our hearts....prayers answered and an exciting future is laid out for these children who come from sorrow and uncertainty. This warms my heart. Especially as Christmas is upon us.

Then there is this guy. Don.

He warms my heart too – in a different way. For some odd reason, he has made a “connection” with Courtney. She trusts him enough to give him hugs in church and at family gatherings. This is big for her, she may not exactly recognize it, but I do. It is safety, growth, security, trust.

He took the time to play games with the kids too.

Don’s wife Donna directs Jr Choir in church and she too has made a “connection” with Courtney.  Both of them over the last 8 months have welcomed her in warm ways that have made Courtney feel accepted in our church and extended family. She asks how we are related, pleased and proud to BE related to Don & Donna. Donna is a cousin to Steve. People think Donna and I are related because we look alike. Donna and I like the same shoes ~ we share a strong shoe gene.

From when we were first married to childless for 16 years, Don and Donna welcomed us as we were, accepting us without question. That is the way they are. We don’t hang as much as we used to, (4 kids makes life busy...) but that connection is still there and strong. They are “cool” folks.

Courtney recognizes that and embraces them in a natural healing way.

Thank you Don & Donna for being you!


Marie said...

We love them too! Wish we could learn to know your kids as well.

Dee said...

God is sending good christian people into Courtneys life..this is no accident..but a part of her healing. :)

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