Friday, December 18, 2009


I had lunch with two of my best buddies today. We pretty much meet weekly to eat and chat.  I looked forward to it already this morning and mentioned to Courtney I was having lunch with my best friends Dawn and Lisa. She said I thought Deb was your best friend. I told her yes, Deb, Rose, Diane, Cinda and Daddy are also my best friends to name a few. She said “I thought you could only have one best friend!” I told her – nope, you can many best friends. She hadn’t thought of it as a possibility. I explained that in life, we need many friends and it should be the same for her in school. Don’t just pick out one friend, but pick out many - more importantly, be a friend to many. Some friends will drift in and out of your life, but some will be there always. I told her I wished for her many best friends. Each of my friends is different and bring their uniqueness into our relationship that I cherish. Like a snowflake, no two friends are alike. It makes the snowfall of life beautiful and fulfilling.

Another best friend we should always have with us is Jesus. He is one that never forsakes us. He walks with me daily and my commutes with him are our time together to put it all on the table. Some days we sing, some days he just listens, some days he talks to me, some days we listen to each other in silence, some days we grieve together.

   He ordered the centurion to keep Paul under guard but to give him some freedom and permit his friends to take care of his needs. Acts 24:23

See, when Paul was in prison, his friends took care of him – I know if that happens to me my friends will visit me too and care for me....right?  Okay, well I’ve seen it happen when I had my surgery......yup, I’ll stick with that one over the prison thing.

Tomorrow night we are having friends over for supper.  Then we gals are planning an Italian meal cooked for us by our own personal chef late rin January – Oh, I so look forward to it. Special times with special friends. May you have many special times this Christmas Season and beyond!


Frizzy said...

What a true lesson in life! All of what you said is so important. What a wonderful gift you just gave your little one!

Rose said...

Val, how true that is. Like it says in Scripture there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother!
I agree with Frizzy, what a great lesson to teach a child.

Merry Christmas

angelonwheels said...


First, Merry Christmas to you and your family. I admit even at the age of 26, when it comes to friendship, I tend to think more like Courtney. I have what I would consider 2 best friends. I find it hard to form real friendships with people. But I'm friendly to most people. Thanks for teaching me a lesson, and reminding me what a friend I have in Jesus!

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