Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy 50th Birthday Jim!

As I listened to KD Lang sing "Hallelujah" during opening ceremonies of the Olympics in Vancover B.C. it moved me and made me miss my homeland and family. For some reason, this week has been difficult as I've been grieving all over my brother and the losses of others.

Today, Jim is celebrating his 50th birthday at the table of the Lord ~ I'm imagining the singing for him to be more glorious than anything we humans can procure.

Hallelujah Jim.....we miss you today and always.


Rose said...

I know how sad it is to have someone we love so dearly be gone forever from our daily presence. Yet, what a comfort to know he is celebrating at the table of the Lord! Wow. What a celebration that must be. Happy Birthday Jim!

Dee said...

Jim is where we all want to be one day. My prayers and hugs to you as you grieve the loss of your beloved brother.

angelonwheels said...


Hugs and prayers are coming your way! I am so sorry for your loss,but I'm glad you are allowing yourself to grieve. The Lord sees each tear!

beckymc said...

I am so sorry you lost your brother at such a young age. My prayers are with you. He must be having the best birthday now sitting with Jesus and sending his love to all of you his family.

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