Thursday, February 4, 2010

Path of Life

Sometimes when life allows a leisure walk, it can be refreshing to ones soul. I’ve been pondering this fall family picture.

Here are my reflections:

I have too many days it feels more like a rat race than a leisure walk of life. Then I think of the well known choices of the fork in the road – which path to take? It reminds me of days like this gone by, when I need to just slow it down, hold a hand and take a walk on the right path.

The boys are always “ahead” of us it seems, eager to go when they don’t even know where we or they are going....but they are usually out front anyway....they can move through a crowd of adults so quickly it amazes me. It reminds me that I need to go slower and listen to God, not just hurry ahead without knowing my direction.

Some lag behind, we have those too when I turn around and say “keep up.” I don’t want them to get lost or left behind, or I’m on a mission that they aren’t on and I’m coaxing them to keep up. I have days I lag too – needing to be reminded to “keep up.” I’m sure God sees that in me and others.....”keep up, don’t get lost or left behind.” Choose that right path!

When I look at my husband, I think of his distinct motion of walk – we all have it, a way of moving that is ours. His walk speaks of confidence, ease and knowledge of who he is and where he is going......I love that about him. He leads us all as the head of our home, giving us esteem to walk our path right. I fell in love with him and that walk.

The girls hang on, one to a hand and the other to a finger. One wanting to be connected by touch for the security of love and the other for the safety of connectivity and guidance over the uncertainty of the bumpy path. Both valid reasons to hang onto a hand or finger. It is a reminder to keep that touch of love going for all. When the path is rough, it will keep us strong.

So, I’m hoping for more leisure walks with the family – I know they’ll keep me whole.

Psalm 16:11  ~ You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.


Dee said...

This is a beautiful post val. It shows your heart.I think it would be nice for you frame this photo and put it in a prominent place in your home as a daily reminder to you to keep choosing the right path and to take those walks.

They call me "Deb" said...

You are somewhat like me in that I observe the movements of others (my family especially) and find myself pondering such things in my heart. We have a photo of our son when he was about seven years old. He's stopped in the path ahead of us, holding a 'stick' as if he were hunting animals in the woods. And when I look at that photo, like you, I think of how he always excitedly ran ahead of us to conquer the animals, soldiers, trails of his imagination.
And the mother's heart in me rejoiced at how inquisitive and 'conquering' he was. Today, he's almost 24 and still running ahead (good or bad) and sometimes he conquers - sometimes the world conquers. Sometimes he travels a path I can't go down with him. But through it all, God travels with him and with me as I continue to ponder the paths of life.
Thank you so very much for the reminder. Enjoy your path and being "mom" and "wife" and joining the walks with your family.

Dee said...

Hi Val, Nope I have not gone into any of the fact all my photo are from the car. LOL. This summer I will do a little trespassing but most of these places are probably full of snakes and skunks and I am a wimp.

beckymc said...

Val, that was a beautiful post. I also love the picture. Both help me look at my walk with God. I sometimes crowd my life with all kinds of stuff and do not have time to just listen, reflect and walk with my Lord. Thank you for your post

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