Thursday, February 25, 2010

Question In My Mind

Seeing this old house, half fallen, half trying to hold on to its dignity....just leaves questions in my mind. Like why the blue shingles? Kansas is known for the classic colors of beige, brown, tan, white, grey....maybe if you are risqué you’d use green! So this person liked color – or they were on sale because they were blue and cheap! Now these shingles lay there spent, used up, no longer able to do their job as protector. Aged.

You can see the glimpse of life they had. They must have been bright and glorious in their day. Yup – just like me....I’m feeling like some old blue shingles today.

I especially like the rag stuffed into the broken window....dried and crusty, still hanging on. Then the holes in the side of the house – shotgun or woodpecker?

This old house has been abused, neglected and abandoned. Children, adults, pets; like this house, get abused, neglected and abandoned...I a result of that treatment, I’ve four children! At some point the owners made a decision to not do upkeep, not do the work necessary to preserve or restore what God had entrusted to them. Are we that way? Are we not taking care of the things in our lives God entrusts to us – relationships, kindness to others, compassion, decency, faithfulness, honesty – I believe there are many people out there are like this house? There are many opportunities for us to extend the hand of God.

Psalm 31:5 - Into your hands I commit my spirit; redeem me, O LORD, the God of truth.

It makes me look at my life differently when I happen upon farms like this.


beckymc said...

Val, I love the way you can look at an old broken down house and relate it back to us, our lives and God. I love you wit and your wisdom. Please keep posting.

Rose said...

Oh my there are so many days at my age that I feel just like that old house. Broken, worn, had better days, and just about the time I am ready to slink into my room, cover my head, I am reminded that I am the tabernacle for the very God that created me. I am a temple for the Holy Spirit. I may look blasted by the winds of time on the outside but inside....woohooo...the glory of the Lord resides there.When I remember that, all of a sudden I realize I have to take care of this housing no matter how it looks. Great story...I would have loved to see those shingles in there better days. I bet they were something!

Dee said...

Val..I love your old house find. The blue roof is great. Your shared feeling with this old house is written so well and touched something in me. I hope you will be able to find more houses to share. I am hoping to be able to do some more house gazing before the roads around here get impassible with mud. Hugs Dee

Frizzy and Bird said...

Who of us hasn't felt the way you described at least once? I imagine too all the love that was once shared in and put into that home. It makes me wonder what happened to that house or the family that lived in it? What became so overwhelming that they would choose or be forced to walk away? How many of us are making those choices today with our homes or with God. Makes me very sad to even think about it. Thank you for the reminder of how life can change and sometimes without rhyme or reason. Thank you for helping remind me of how I need to cherrish each and every second of today with my loved ones.

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