Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Birds of Spring!

The Birds are coming back

Flocks and flows of birds abound in the skies suddenly here in central Kansas . I’m eager for green and spring this year, more than normal. I've noticed others referencing their eagerness for Spring this year more than usualy.  Usually I just enjoy each season, patiently waiting on the next – but this year feels different – the eagerness for outside play on green grass, planting flowers and hopefully for once, landscaping the front of our house is in my gut.

So I welcome the “V’s” of Canadian geese as they fly overhead honking....coming in larger batches, they are smart – they know better weather is coming. They tell my soul spring will be here before I know it.

Do you have something you anticipate with eagerness but have to be patient for it? “All things come to those who wait.” Who says that? Abraham Lincoln.

I think about Jesus and he knew what lay ahead for him. Did he have the feeling of dread, anticipation of “I wish it was over” – these are such human feelings to have – he was human.  

Have you ever volunteered to teach or do something and then could hardly wait for it to be over, but once it comes and is done, you go “that wasn’t so bad” or “that was fun.”

Guess I'll sit back and wait....it will come, it always does....Spring. 


Rose said...

Oh my goodness, yes I have done that...wished it was over! Funny how clear hindsight is. But there is something about spring....the newness of it all, the rains that seem to wash away the cold winter and tease us with the bulbs that start peeking out of the ground! I'll wait with you!

They call me "Deb" said...

Ohhh... God said it would - and it's coming.
I was thinking today of the massive piles of snow we still have left - but what God's doing underneath them! Hallelujah.
Even when we think the weather doesn't cooperate - God is STILL faithful.

Dee said...

It will be nice for you to let the kids out into the sun and go for some of your family walks. I have several things the Lord has me waiting for. I feel in my sprirt they will come to be, but that it is to soon. I have enjoyed this winter and will slide into Spring enjoying the transition, such as you seeing the geese. We just need to keep our eyes and heart open. Did you take that beautiful photo?

Dee said...

I saw two robins today...that means Spring to us Michiganders.

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