Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tobias Turned Twelve

 Ok – his birthday came/went and it felt like we celebrated a week of it~! Falling shortly after Easter, he was showered with love and gifts.

His cake represents his current favorite thing to do – play Wii. He had a sleepover with two of his buddies that involved Wii, Wii and more Wii – oh, they did play outside to beautiful weather, watched a movie and a half.....hit the sack, whispered later than they should – oh to be young and silly!

Breakfast was at Tobias’s request at The Firehouse Café – an old firehouse turned homey restaurant with fresh good pancakes, eggs, bacon, etc. He wore a fire hat and got his picture taken then ate a brownie with ice cream....yes, this was breakfast! Sunday special people (Don & Donna) took Tobias out for a special lunch after church. They spoil our kids – we’re OK with that!

So....Tobias, I didn’t mean to post this so late – you are loved and I am excited to see you grow and mature into the wonderful 12 year old you are today! Your name is a Greek version of the Hebrew biblical name “Tobijah” which meaning is “God is good.”

Wishing you many, many more happy birthdays as we all celebrate God giving you life 12 years ago as a tiny 4.40 baby that stayed 17 days in the hospital fighting to live with a special plan for you that is still unfolding!

You are a blessing...XXXXOOOO Love Mom and Dad


beckymc said...

Happy birthday to Tobias! many many more sounds like it was fun

Rose said...

Happy Birthday Tobias!

Dee said...

Tobias is TWELVE!!! Happy Birthday Tobias. You are a good looking young man. Next year you will be a teenager!!!!

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

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