Thursday, April 29, 2010

Window Cat

We’ve had a fairly cool, non-rainy spring so far with a few blessed days of gorgeous weather.  On one recent rainy day after visiting the post office, we drove and saw this cat sitting on the second story of a house on the window sill, outside.  Looked like it would be saying “Will you just please let me in! Don’t you know it is cold and rainy out here?” 
I was amazed that it wasn’t under the porch or on a first level, but rather clear up on the second level.  For all the books I read as a child about a kitten getting stuck in a tree and the firemen rescuing it – in all my life I’ve NEVER seen a cat in a tree not able to get down.  We lived on a farm – had cats and kittens in bunches......they didn’t crawl up to the second level of our house either.
So this cat made me go “huh?” And of course grab my camera for a picture.
Maybe lately I’m feeling like that cat – sitting on a too tall window, feeling the pressure of the wind and rain of life – just wanting to be inside safe, loved and unharmed.  At lunch today my friend and I both felt like life sometimes is just harder than it should be for some folks...and maybe at times for us.   Or is mankind becoming more fragile? We aren’t pioneers and mankind has all this technology (blessing or curse that it is).  I think we have less compassion as a society, also less responsibility and less freedom. 
I don’t like to be Negative I haven’t been posting as much....trying to find my way back to the joys of everyday living in simpler things.  I’ve been watching “Hoarding” and getting freaked out so much as I made Steve take a vacation day with me to clean the garage!  Don’t laugh.  We worked hard....then we had a lunch date and ran errands before picking up the parenting hat again....was a good day, despite exhaustion! 
So – back to my cat on the window sill.  Her cries unheard.  No one answered her plea so she sat there.  I didn’t stick around to see how long she chose to stay there or how she got up there in the first place and back down.  Did her owner save her?  Did she just crawl back the way she came?  Does she do this regularly or was this a one time event?  Maybe like the cat, we have people around us crying too – are we listening?  Do we stop to help open a window or just go our way?  Sometimes I struggle to help the struggling in my world, I’m overwhelmed and can’t help when I want to – so I ignore the cries instead to keep my sanity in all the pain and wrong.  Sometimes no matter how much we help some people, they still need and need and need...never growing out of their enabling situations. Those bother me.  I think I’m I’ll leave you with this scripture that I've been thinking about and how it applies to my life.
Proverbs 21:13
If a man shuts his ears to the cry of the poor, he too will cry out and not be answered.


Dee said...

Your not a negative Nelly at all. Life at times gets just need to do as the cat and climb as high as you can and wait. The cat is probaly waiting outside the window of it's master knowing the master will care for him in time. I am guessing this is not the cat's first trip up to that window sill. Hugs to you my friend...there will be brighter days ahead.

Anonymous said...

I think we all go through seasons where we feel discouraged at the lack of fruit we're producing (or seeing). Sometimes, as much as our heart wants it, it's just simply not the 'season'. Hold on - keep chasing after God's heart - and continue to be as open as you are to His Will.
Hugs and prayers,

Rose said...

What a great analogy to how a lot of us are in life. Peaks and valleys. I have been struggling with blogging lately. I just didn't "feel" as if there was anything worthwhile to say. So, I said nothing. Amen to the fact that we cannot ignore the cries of help from others and expect God to hear our cries. Great verse you posted!

beckymc said...

Val, we all have times in our lives when we overwhelm ourselves with doing this or that and thinking we are doimg Gods work. Bu it is only God's work if we are giving Him the credit and time to minister to us too. This is a lesson I struggle with. I am quick to help and do something for those in need but get my self so busy I do not have time for God. I think ever once in a while we have to step back like you have done to reassess the situation. My prayers are with you my friend and hopefully your cat friend got back into the window.

Cindy (Letters From Midlife) said...

I agree that we go through seasons in life and some are more uncomfortable than others because change is never easy.

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