Monday, August 9, 2010

Before and After



This summer project represents me in many ways.  Before summer, ready for a break - needing the refreshing Mountains of Colorado to cool and refresh my soul, leisure days with the kids in the water park and many other summer activities too many to list in my absence from blog-land.  So now, I return, refreshed, ready to grow again blooming wider...time will fill my flowers and shrubs out....time will fill my heart and soul out.

School enrollment tomorrow....hard to believe it is that time has your summer been?  I'll be busy reading and catching up on my blog friends....good to be back.

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Dee said...

Hi, Looks like you have been doing some blog decorating. A good way to start fresh after a busy summer. I am glad you are back and refreshed. I hope to be back next week. I am beginning to see fall decor in the stores...scary. :)

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