Sunday, March 6, 2011

The ipad

OK - we got an ipad and this is what happened....

Me - Mom - "excuse me the living room is a mess, it needs to be cleaned up and there is laundry and dishes and etc etc."  Response: 

OK - chalk it up for play time with the kids....the dust bunnies can wait as the years go fast....

Even Soph abandoned her babydoll for the ipad - she loves it.  Does puzzles on it.  Plays matching on it.   Learns her colors with a free app program.  I have to admit - I love Boggle on it and Angry Birds. 

So iwon't complain.  iwant them to enjoy it and ihave already heard hubby investigating the next version which means ibroke even more!  :-)


O'Melly said...

Cool! I have yet to see an ipad and how it works, but it sounds fun!

I noticed in your info you're a Canadian at heart! Born there? I'm originally from Kingston, On. but currently living in Alberta.

Frizzy said...

Too fun! Who'da thunk it?

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