Friday, April 15, 2011

Faded Memories

 Faded memories of an era gone by always lure me to abandoned places.  I wandered about this old drive-in movie zone saddened by the decaying wood, flapping metal and signs that life had been here but won’t be again. 
I walked and heard the movie playing while children played on equipment now abandoned – their voices ringing with laughter as they ignored a horror show above them or some kissing scene.  

 Cars out here where now the Kansas wind blows and blows…things happened in those cars, a first kiss, a virginity lost, arguments, laughter, a child conceived, marriage proposals, break ups….so many possibilities.  Not to mention the popcorn, candies and sodas.

 Old signage left with messages not to be heeded again stares up in abandon. 

 The ticket booth vandalized – change drawer open sadly waiting for pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters that won’t come. The thick glass broken by someone who didn’t appreciate the beauty of this timeless era. 

A HGTV moment of my soul cried out “Wouldn’t it be great to restore it?”  But as the farmers drive by and the kids on their way to school – no one has time nor money to invest in something seasonal that doesn’t pay the bills….Netflix and Dish have taken over.  Sometimes change hurts…but it doesn’t change the reality.
 So I wander on ; looking at the next place that moves my soul with love for the old and the sadness that it brings in its state of neglect, yet it draws me in with my mind every time.  Oh the parallels of life I find in these places.


Becky said...

I remember those fun times...I wish we could share them with the new generation..but I agree the tech age has ruined them

They call me "Deb" said...

You brought back so many fond memories. I remember having the money to go to the Drive-in with my friends but choosing instead to try to sneak in like we'd heard others doing. Up the road from the movie, our friend pulled the car over and almost all of us crammed into the trunk and lay there giggling in the sweltering heat till we got through the gate. When the friend driving found a conspicuous spot, we jumped out and got in the back seat. It was the thrill of my young life - but it was also the last time I ever had the courage (or stupidity) to ever try something like that.
With that said, I do miss the Drive-in and those crackling speakers and window-hanging trays that held the sodas and pop-corn. Netflix and Satellite TV just isn't the same now is it?
Thank you for the trip down memory lane.

kericallihan said...

Awesome post, sad but interesting pics. I live in a small town, McCaysville, GA in the North Georgia Mountains. We do have a functioning drive-in the next town over, Blue Ridge. SWAN DRIVE-IN. We do not use the speakers but tune our radios to a certain station to pick up the audio. I found your blog by "Next Blog,". Going now to -follow- you via my own blog,

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