Saturday, May 28, 2011

Proud of You!

Proud of You!
Proud of you.  You didn’t pick up GPA awards, you didn’t get a Citizens Award or outstanding this or that.  You sat there and clapped for the many classmates that picked up award after award…but they didn’t ask me, because I’d give you award after award that despite the rocky year of 8th grade – you survived. You made it. Not always your best but…you MADE IT and I love you no matter what.  I’d much rather you receive the award of going heavenward in your life someday than any paper mankind could give you.  That is the reward that will mean the most because then I’ll know that Christ is center in your life.
I’m proud to be called your Mom and I will support and push you through the next 4 years of school because there is life after High School and it can be your dream to do whatever you want….you are smart, funny, talented, kind hearted and I am blessed to be in your life and call you my son.  Even when I’m grumpy, yelling or angry at the last thing you may have destroyed or lied to me about, I’m still there for you and will be. 
So – using some of the words from Laura Story’s Blessings my prayer for you is may your blessings come through raindrops and your healing come through tears and that if it takes a thousand sleepness nights to know God is here so be it.  When friends betray you, when darkness seems to close in and you are aching of this life, these storms and hardest things are mercies in disguise.  Amen.

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