Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Too Good To Be True!

Too good to be true.

Have you been raised with this saying? Usually it comes with reference to a super deal, warning us to proceed with caution or have doubt. Lately my son clicked on the spam on facebook that went something like this: “Heh Anthony, you just won a Dell computer from facebook, click here to see your computer…http:toogoodtobetrue.com.” Yup, he suckered for it and SPAM – all his friends and their comments got the same stupid message. People let me know “heh your son got spammed or hacked or something.” Folks, it is a life lesson he’s got to learn and I don’t want to hear about it! **Sigh**

Made me think as I logged into his account, changed his password, removed as many as I could with my “mommy guilt” even though he did this himself…I didn’t’ do it (course I’ve done other stupid spam things!). Anyway, made me wonder how do I teach him NOT to believe he’ll will 1 million dollars, get a free car, etc.  The boys have been obsessed with McDonald’s Monopoly. This is sadly becoming a tradition as they amazingly reach into take coupons off other people’s discarded cups and find them on the floor. Tobias’s football team stopped at rotten Ronnie’s on the way back from a game and Tobias is convinced two boys gathering won $100,000….still tracking that one!

So, when the world lures us into these things and we try to teach them the odds aren’t there or it is a scam…..then how can we turn around and expect them to believe in Noah’s ark, lions not eating a man, dead people raised, a man dying on a cross and raised up in three days that gives us eternal life?  How do they know fiction from truth? Our world is tricky…..our faith should not be. How do I teach them that Christ isn’t too good to be true?

I want my son to wait until he takes catechism class, he needs more maturity. He needs Christ because he wants Christ and he needs to know on his own that Jesus isn’t a hoax or made up and that Jesus IS very good and true. For this I pray.

Meanwhile, I’ll go let them enter more Monopoly codes as their hope in a win (even if it is only coke rewards).  I find it  encouraging that they’ll have that type of belief in their own faith walk someday…..


Becky said...

I know what you mean. My son and daughter in law choose not to do the whole Santa thing with their children because they do not want them to believe in Santa then find out he is not real. they say because them they may think God is not real either. It is a fine line we walk as Christainas in this world.

Dee said...

As the world looms bigger and brighter before our children it lures them away from the life saving gifts and joy of the Lord. Just keep praying and planting the seeds of the love of Christ into them...if they choose the way of the world they quickly learn it's tricky snares. Your a good mom...your children are fortunate to have you:)

Frizzy said...

It was so nice to see your post this morning. I've missed you and your blog.

I loved this post and my how it strikes a chord in our life as well. Yaya is constantly dreaming of something she wants. I want.. I want.. I want.. She's earning money for the chores she does around the house but we're also showing her how we put money away to give at church and money away to save for a rainy day. Only then do we buy something frivolous.

We're trying hard to help her learn earning something with your hard work is much more rewarding than receiving something for nothing. Though few of us would turn down a winning million dollar lottery ticket. Problem is you have to spend money to make it and the odds are NEVER in your favor.

Thank you for sharing your heart and journey here.

They call me "Deb" said...

Awwww there's so much deception out there today that it's easy for children and adults to fall prey to it. They definitely cause people to lose focus. I remember once emailing a pastor friend to please stop sending us those spam emails that promised we'd win something if we sent them to so many people.
You are so right - if it's too good to be true, it probably isn't true at all. But it is good to cause us to reconsider where we place our faith. Great post!

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