Friday, February 24, 2012

My View is Changing

Aaaggghhh (that is my Charlie Brown holler) – MY VIEW!  I came home the other day and someone is making mountains of Kansas dirt in the way of my VIEW!  The nerve of them!
A street was put in a few years ago and VERY slowly (economy?) a few houses started at the one end and we estimated that we’d have about 5-6 years before there would be a house behind us.  We’ve joked about buying the corner lot to “keep” the view on the furthermost point as we’ve loved our view. 
In 2004 we ruined someone’s view when we built our house…..such is life.  I’ve since learned whose McMansion that will be and I’m excited for the family who are looking to adopt three kiddos I believe as well – so I understand the need for “more space” when you add three youngin’s to your family. 
Also this week my “view” changed at work as I moved into a different office space.  So dear Lord, thank you for “changing my view” in life to keep reminding me that things shouldn’t be so compfy that life doesn’t change….it is this very change that can refresh and challenge us to accept things sometimes beyond our control.  (positive) Or make us scream in stress! (negative)
So often Foster and Adopted children feel like they don’t have any “control” in view in life.  They are told where they are going and taken to this foster home or that group home, yanked from the only family often they have (even if it wasn’t healthy) the change is hard because it isn’t familiar. It is a new view, new surroundings, new rules.  Some are grateful and see the change as positive, others negative and constantly battle inside themselves with the demons of the past and those around them because of it.  The older the child, the less likely that change is embraced.  I have children at both ends of the spectrum.  As I age – some changes are harder to accept too as I grow compfy in my life and ways.  
 So – I’ll look in new ways to find my beautiful view that is changed and appreciate God’s changes as he brings them to me.  I’ll pray to keep embracing the “new” in positive ways so I may set an example for my children to endure the changes in their lives and grow from it.
For your ways are in full view of the LORD, and he examines all your paths.  Proverbs 5:21

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Frizzy said...

Oh how this post touches my heart in so many ways. We are experiencing growing pains of our own as Yaya comes to understand more of her adoption. My daily prayer is she will be happy and proud of who she is and where she came from. Sending you love today.

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