Sunday, February 26, 2012

Simply Green Joy

My long awaited green light plate switches arrived.  I got this HUGE box for three light plate switches wrapped and wrapped and wrapped in large wonderful green bubble wrap.  So....after I excitedly put them on the switches they were intended for with my helper Tobias in tow....we HAD to have a bubble popping party.  Supper and bathes done, we were ready for some fun.  Courtney declined - loud noises annoy her so she closed her bedroom door and tuned us out.  So the remaining kiddos home and I had fun.....
 We rolled one sheet out at at time and discovered Sophia wasn't heavy enough to jump on them and pop them.
  So she got on her big girl pink cowboy boots - that will do the job.  Nope.
 So helpful big bro Tobias, helped sqqqeeeeezzzzeee it together so she could enjoy a "POP" - Berkley was NOT impressed!

Simple Green - Simple Joy!

1 comment:

Dee said...

Those are some huge bubble the inventive idea of using cowboy boots LOL.

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