Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Courtney turned 13!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY COURTNEY!  You are now 13 as of last week.
Cupcakes taken to school...
I’ve three teenagers in the house….Yikes.  Gulp.  Sigh.
So….dear Courtney here are 13 ways I show you that I love you:
1.       I’m here for you every day.
2.        I greet you with “rise and shine!” every morning.
3.       I love you unconditionally as much as humanly possible.
4.       I do your laundry weekly with joy. J
5.       I listen to you from my heart-space and answer your questions.
6.       I hug you when you allow me to.
7.       I desire only the best for you and sometimes that means pushing you to your best.
8.       I’m proud of you and the young lady you are becoming.
9.       I love to make you laugh.
10.   I love to teach you about feelings, tell you the truth, share your dreams and celebrate mistakes through forgiveness.
11.   I love to take you swimming and see the joy you have in the water.
12.   I honor your differences and respect them.
13.   I take you to church and pray that Jesus will someday be your personal savior.
This and more – I do because I love you.  And while 13 feels big, you haven’t been on this earth very long and I look forward to many more years of being your Mom.

Pics of the happy celebration weekend.



Dee said...

Yikes and gulp is right...I blinked and your kids became teens. :) Your 13 reasons of how you show love is sweet. Your Courtney will be just fine being in your loving home. My foster daughter Lisa is back into my life and I feel so blessed by the good things she says about how we helped her. It did not feel that way while we were doing the helping :)

Christine said...

Happy birthday! What a beaatitful young lady! Like your cupcakes!

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