Thursday, March 29, 2012

Earth's Colors Unfold

I’m a sucker for earth colors created naturally by erosion or whatever…..isn’t this cool? 
 This is along a popular highway locally that I travel once in a while.  It has always intrigued me.  I’m not any earth scientist or anything so it makes me ponder more about how come this is happening in this one spot?  All the layers exposed like that just keep going downhill and nothing grows here….no Kansas cedars taking over or anything.  Cattle are sometimes in here.  I’m sure each layer has a nice scientific name. 
We have to be careful in life that when we expose our layers we don’t go “downhill” as well.  When anger, jealously or other negatives creep into our life nothing good can grow in us either.  The deterioration keeps taking a person down.  We’ve recently been accepted to a table to talk with hopes of reconciliation involving one of our children from an incident years ago that continued to grow and fester and deteriorate like this land…..soo much so that both my husband and I denied communion when it was last held in church because we knew things weren’t right….it has seeped into other people around us too and we feel great pain in the experience over something that should never have grown as large as it did.  So….pray for us as we’ve requested numerous times to meet in peace and I pray for open hearts and ears to allow healing to begin, and now God is saying the timing is right.  
 Post:  I wrote this right before we found out the meeting was cancelled....with great sadness, we will find the courage to put this behind us and move forward....   People run from doing hard things in life all the time - this wouldn't have been easy for us either - but it was the right thing to do.  I see my children run from difficulty - it is human one enjoys conflict resolution.  Saying "I'm sorry" is a life long lesson in humility and growth.  So I'll continue to try to teach my kiddos by example the hard path isn't smooth sailing but the rewards are so much greater on the path less traveled.  **Sigh** it has been a long week.

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Dee said...

It is it all natural? I am sorry you are still having conflicts with an incident that should have been resolved long ago....I can relate to your pain and frustration.I know you have the right heart...Eventually it will pass...just pick the good out of it...and move forward. HUGS.Dee

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