Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Great Rhinoceros Hunt

The Great Rhinoceros Hunt
While hubby sleeps by day from working nights, my challenge is to keep 4 rambunctious kiddos quiet.  So when the sun shines, I’m thinking of places we can go do inexpensive fun things and leave Steve to sleep in peace and quiet.
Hence….The Great Rhinoceros Hunt.
We headed off to a Kansas Town that boasted some 60+ Rhinos around town. The kids “hunted” these concrete creatures, some decoratively attired to match their place of business or not.  The kiddos got in place, planted their smiles and ran on to the next one.  After 42 Rhinos found, with the Kansas sky erupting with thunder, we headed home – happy, tired and adding another memory for the books.
So I bring you our fave Rhinos:


They call me Deb said...

What a wonderful activity! We visited Cherokee N.C. a few years ago and they have painted bears all throughout the area for you to discover. So I definitely appreciate your Rhino-hunt!

Washer Mom Val said...

Thanks Deb - was fun and the kids still talk about them. They want to know what we'll do next! I'm busy planning.

Dee said...

Maybe you could type up some treasure hunt type of games they could cross off when found, similar to finding the Rhinoceros...Items to find at the the the grocery store. ETC. I hope your husband has some ear plugs...sure will be hard to keep four kids quiet in the summer.:)

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