Saturday, May 5, 2012

Millers Oh Millers!

I’ve said it before, I’ll whine again…I strongly dislike (yes HATE, a word I don’t let my kids use) moths. Right now for a good two weeks the millers are migrating through Kansas – they are basically the adult stage of the army cutworm heading to the Rockies.  Kansas birds love them and in Colorado they are bear food.  Their fancy shmancy name is:  Euxoa auxiliaris.       Shooo, go away soon!

·        They flit.
·        They are too random.
·        They have this dusty stuff on them that gets on walls, fingers, etc.
·        They are ugly in my eyes.   Yes, I know I need therapy on this issue!

Sophia on the other hand, LOVES them.  Basically she loves bugs too.  We are so opposite on this issue like one end of the spectrum way different!  So, despite my dislike, I’m actually pleased and kind of proud she isn’t following my paranoid obsession with disliking insects, especially moths and spiders. To support her in her healthy curiosity I purchased a new net to catch them in  - because I wouldn’t want to touch them.  She finds her hands and little fingers work easier as she just snatches them up.  
Then a new “cage” – mesh to allow them to live and flit away from me.  A new bug inspector gadget.  She is set to play with her rollie pollies (no, not Polly Pockets!) and moth friends.

I’ve got to go now….heading to the big “W” to buy a gallon of hand washing disinfecting soap for her bathroom as we’re gonna use it all up this summer!
PS:  To all my "Miller" friends this post is NOT about you...sorry you share a moth name though! :-)


Dee said...

Bugs are ok...but I draw a line at snakes.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OOOH I TOO DO NOT like moths or even butterflies! It is the winds....on a BUG! EEEWWWWW!

And thank you so much for visiting today! YES, the story you read on my blog is TRUE!!!! My momma died before she was able to even know I had achieved all my degrees.

Have a lovely Mothers' Day! Anita

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