Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Crooked Tree

The Crooked Tree
This summer at one of our favourite family places - while hiking I saw this tree.  I loved the way it cuuurrrrvvved around then continued on its growth path - growing straight up like the other trees.
 This tree spoke volumes to me. Some of us start out this way in our Christian walk, going the wrong way until we “see the light” and grow towards it.  It is only in growing toward the light that we have life.  Some Christians don’t have those early on struggles; they’ve just been planted and grow like the other trees around this one.  But the testimony of this tree that struggled to get its start shows the reality most of us face.  Trials we need to overcome before we can stay on the straight and narrow. Ironically beside it is a stump of a not so lucky tree.  Ah, Jesus parable of the good seed all over this hike!

This tree also made me think of my children.  I’m a Mom – so naturally I’d think of them, right?  Each of my adopted children had struggles right from their beginnings.  Saved through foster care, I think OK – like this tree you had that rough beginning, but now you should be able to grow, grow, grow – straight in the light and love of your family and God’s saving grace for a greater purpose in your life!
What this tree doesn’t show that we can only predict, is that it might not live as long as the other trees, it might be more prone to insects or disease or notwithstanding the elements of life that will come it’s way and challenge it’s being.    What this makes me realize with my children, is that no matter the light and water we give them, they still have factors that may change their direction.  Some more than others find it harder to go toward the light….the darkness is so tempting and pulls at them constantly.  I want to be the safe forest to harbor them in safety, but elements still remain in the world I can not protect them from.
This summer presented me challenges and parenting moments that continue to astound me (and my gentle husband!).  I can’t even write them here – for the sake of the ones struggling, I won’t write those journeys here….despite my friends telling me “write that down!”  Maybe in years to come….but not now.   Some are too painful, some while funny, just need to wait.
Back to the tree…..I wish and pray for all out there, that God’s calling is greater than Satan’s and that my children (and myself) have the strength to continue to want the light….continue to grow in faith and forgiveness.   
Be the tall tree.  
Be the good tree. 
Genesis 2:9  reads:  The LORD God made all kinds of trees grow out of the ground—trees that were pleasing to the eye and good for food. In the middle of the garden were the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

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Becky said...

O Val! Firt I want to give you a HUG ((VAL)) and all the kiddos ((KIDDOS)). Then I want to tell you; you are in my prayers as are your children. I admire you for fighting the fight for them! While there may be struggles now believe me in the end they will see you their loving mother as they relate to their loving saviour!

sending my love as one of those crooked trees to you..

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