Thursday, October 18, 2012

Plastered Leaves

Plastered Leaves
This is what I hear the leaves saying:
1.       Help!
2.       I can’t moooovvvveeeee.
3.       Will you please move your right leaf off my bottom leaf.
4.       This is what a soccer mob feels like.
5.       Why is this fence here again?
6.       I just want to fly!
7.       If you are wondering why I’ve called you all together today……
8.       Staff meeting. Did someone bring the agenda?
9.       At least the dogs can’t get me up here!
10.   I’m so embarrassed.
11.   Stay positive – you do control your destiny!     
12.  Who let the trash in? Who Who Who, Who let the trash in? Who, Who, Who...

Feel free to add your own Leaf voices. 


Dee said...

Leaf me alone....LOL Cute:)

koralee said...

You are so cute!

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