Thursday, April 11, 2013

Brag time on Tobias!

Tobias got an envelope in the mail today - a special envelope from our County's largest city Chamber of Commerce informing him that he had been nominated out of 400+ county 8th graders for an Omega award because of his leadership, courage, compassion and service.  That only 7 students were awarded this out of that 400+ and he is one of those 7!  **mama proud moment for my son!** He will be recognized at the local festival in an award presentation. 

He was pretty excited!  It said others see him as an inspiration and deserving of this award. That is so kind.

All children deserve awards. and  in God's eyes all children are deserving of his everlasting gift of salvation.  I know this boy's heart and it is God filled.

Tobias - your parents are proud of you for all the hard work you do daily in school and out - award or not, we love you and know you are an outstanding young gentleman that God has great things planned for.  Love ya - Mom and Dad XOXO

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Dee said...

Fantastic......a wonderful honor. He is a great proud :)

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