Friday, April 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Tobias!

15 year old Tobias – what a joy he is.  Generous, kind hearted, hard worker, dedicated, lover of Jesus, brave….with a little stinker in there sometimes!  He is often my right hand, doing whatever I ask for help with in the home.  From the little gipper he was when we got him to today – I am proud he is my son and love him greatly!  Happy 15th Tobias!  Great things are yet to be in your future!  God has plans for you and it will continue to be exciting to see you transform into the man God has planned!  

You remain a gift from God that we cherish daily!  Wishing you many more birthdays ahead....

Love Mom X0X0X0

PS - proud of your 2 mile run that you did despite not wanting to.  Your ribbon is a reminder of the "I think I can, I know I can" that you have in you!

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Dee said...

Happy Birthday did he get to be 15 so fast?

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