Thursday, June 6, 2013

Best Days of Your Life!

We’ve had AWESOME weather of late and it has made for great outdoor times.  Snapped up a used table and chairs for the patio that I revamped with good ol’ Rustoleum!  Sophie is enjoying her play structure and her friend from up the block visits regularly which she loves.  The boys are the boys, riding scooters, bikes, playing basketball, being hoolligans once in a while… 
We attended a nephew’s wedding in Texas despite storms all around us – had a great time with family (minus our working Dad) and took the grandparents along – I think they are still recovering from 15 hours in a vehicle with two teen boys and one demanding 5 year old.

 Steve got a day-bid and we are WAITING (me not patiently) for this to happen as he works nights until his replacement arrives or the earth shakes or something….  It will be such a joy for our family to have him home evenings!  Praise be to God for the joy to come!  Counting my blessings before they actually arrive. Chickens before they are hatched as well.
Feeling homesick for the North – my heart and soul are pulling me there, but reality keeps me stuck in Kansas.  Mom sold the family farm and will be moving to a condo, great guilt overrides timing issues for me and I’m so thankful for my brothers who are stepping up to help.  Gar flies in from Ontario this weekend to stir the pot and move mountains.  Time will tell when we are able to go that direction again.  Holding on to July family camp with guilt – but it is that place that fills our souls in restoration as a family I’m wanting and needing to hold tight to this time on limited time off from work.
May was a tough month for our teen daughter and we continue to struggle in this process of pain, growth, stretching ourselves, grace and forgiveness daily.  I found a quote I love “Some of the best days of your life haven’t happened yet.”  I like the promise that gives and so true when I think of this journey we are on….God too has given us that promise in everlasting life and we will have some “best days” ahead of us yet.  Challenging myself to dig deeper in my walk, disappointed when I fail but knowing tomorrow brings another day.  A fresh start. 
So, off I go – children are calling, my cup overflows in many directions as I lift my cup of life’s moments, cherishing the fleeting life around me.  


Ma said...

That's a great quote and beautiful pictures.

Dee said...

You always share with honesty and hope. Love your little family and have enjoyed being a part of it all these years.

Washer Mom Val said...

Thanks Dee and "Ma"

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