Friday, August 2, 2013

Onions and Layers

If you know me well – you’ll know I HATE onions. Let me rephrase that. I hate the TEXTURE of onions…the pieces that squeak in your teeth send me dashing to the bathroom to do an onion hurl! I actually love the flavor of onions…..I use onion powder and tolerate minced. Finely minced please. Yes, I’m an older lady who picks out chunks of onions and it annoys me GREATLY if I order my pizza without onions and low and behold they put onions on it…like I’m something rare that I hate onions.
Opposites attract? Yup – my husband loves onions – all kinds, all ways.
My in-laws (the best in the world!) grow a healthy garden and graciously share their produce with us. Onions accepted on a minimal basis will be used up in things like a roast in a crock pot simmering all day, etc. I pluck them off – my husband eats them up.
Onions are funny creations – who ever pulled them out of the ground the first time, peeled them back and decided to eat them? First of all – that outer coating is protecting their squeaky insides and my eyeballs from crying like a fool….chop them or slice them after peeling outside layers away and I cry like there is no tomorrow. I don’t enjoy cutting up onions too much, do you? I know there are ways to cut onions without causing a person to cry – just can’t remember them when I need that Pinterest tip.
As our daughter rejoins our home life again this month…..I think of the many layers we as people have. Sometimes we only see the outer peelings, dried and brown and don’t see the juicy goodness or inner ugliness until those layers are peeled back. We all have layers in our lives, some have to be analyzed harder and worked at to get to the goodness inside and release the flavor for all to enjoy in whatever way those fixin’s happen. I’m very proud of our daughter – she still has her layers, we all do – but she’s worked so hard to peel some things back. 
We’ll have crying days – no doubt. But I’m ready to slow cook our family into one dish of delish!


Dee said...

It is good to hear your family will finally be all together under one roof. I will keep you in my prayers. ♥

Rog N Deege said...

Blessings to you! I love the way you have expressed this! You have a beautiful way with words. (And everything you have said about onions could be said of me as well. :)

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