Thursday, January 30, 2014

Be Real!

Are you different in public than you are with the people close to you? We all put on a certain “public”face, but if that face is soooo different than what you are in private, then I’d challenge you to see yourself in a different light….be real.
Years ago my brother talked to me on the phone, he was excited to be hosting a speaker that was coming to their local church. After the preacher had come I visited with him again, and he said “what he was on stage wasn’t what he was in private.” The preacher put on a great show on the stage in front of hundreds of people but in the privacy of their home just wanted to be left alone and didn’t visit with my brother and his family like he had hoped. I remember his disappointment.   
I also experienced something similar when the company I worked for put on a special Triennial meeting and we hired a Christian Comedy team to come preform. I’d seen them before and was soooo thrilled to be the one to pick them up from the airport. Man, was I disappointed in their “lack” of enthusiasm in regular real life. It truly was an “act” and in real life they didn’t hold the sunshine or vigor I’d expected at all even in normal conversation! I didn’t expect a free “show”but I expected interaction on a normal conversation basis….it just didn’t happen. Tainted how I viewed them from then on.
Lately Teen conversations in our household around how do you act in church, now how do you act in school? Are they the same?  Would you say that in front of your youth pastor? Are you different around certain friends than others? These same questions remain for adults too!  Are you different at the work place than you are on a Sunday morning?
I guess how I interpret this is that we need to be real as Christians. Not glossing our lives over, hiding our true selves under a rock. The Hollywood scene shows us many examples of poor living – as Christians we are called to be real. 
Imperfect and all, be your true self.  As I age, and accept my imperfections, I constantly remind my kids I don't necessarily care if their friends think I'm wierd or fat...I've nothing to prove to them.  I'm compfy in my our skin and not seeking their approval when they don't even talk to me or know me!  I remember being embarassed that my Mom wore fortrel pants instead of jeans....but it had nothing to do with who she was inside - a dedicated Mom who loved us, did and still does so much for I know this teen image thing  and therefore admit I’m as loud mouthed, opinionated, ornery, imperfect, chatty and obnoxious in real life – just get to know me…..oh and warning, I’m fun too!

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Dee said...

Same with me...what you see is what you get....and as i age...I get a little quirky :) I have met people that appear one way and when you get to know out

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